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Kerala trans couple uses an impactful picture to announce their pregnancy



: A trans couple from Kerala's Kozhikode announced their pregnancy with an empowering photoshoot, marking a first for the nation. The couple announced their first child's impending arrival on Instagram in March.

While Zahad was born a woman and transformed into a man, Ziya was born a man and underwent a gender transformation. Given that Zahad and Ziya had been dating for the previous three years, Zahad conceived the child from her.

Kerala trans couple

They may both be seen posing for a picture shoot in Ziya Paval's Instagram post. “Desires are known,” Ziya wrote in the caption. “Although I did not become a woman by birth or by my body, I was aware of my femininity for as long as I was a child.

We are here because of time. Three years have passed. We came to the same conclusion after discussing his dream of his father, which is similar to my dream of my mother. Jeevan, who is 8 months old, is currently moving in his tummy with complete permission, supporting the choices we made to fulfill our wishes. According to our knowledge, this is India's first TRAN'S MAN PREGNANCY, it continued.

Ziya expressed gratitude to the couple's family members and the doctor for their support and guidance during the pregnancy.

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Over 20k people have liked and reacted to the lovely post. People offered the newlyweds their congratulations and joined in the celebration of the lovely miracle.

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