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Shriya Saran at the release of the Kabzaa movie song



: The anticipation for the release of “,” the first pan-Indian film of the year in Kannada cinema, has increased the film's popularity. The crew has also begun its first promotional effort as part of this process by releasing the first song from the movie.

The “Kabzaa” team has organised a significant event in Hyderabad, and director R Chandru verified it on his Twitter page. On February 4 at the occasion, the first lyrical song video from the movie will be unveiled. As the music for the movie was composed by Ravi Basur, whose work in the “KGF” franchise achieved wonders and greatly aided the success of the movie at the box office, he may be able to duplicate the magic for “Kabzaa” as well.

Shriya Saran

The hype around the movie may be measured by the expectations it has raised, and the most recent information indicates that the audio of the movie has been sold for a whopping 3 crores, which is a significant sum. The songs and background music from the “KGF” franchise developed a cult following thanks to music director Ravi Basur. Each song from “Kabzaa” has been scheduled for release in several Indian cities in order to aggressively market the movie.

The teaser for “Kabzaa” is a smashing success, and viewers can't wait to watch the whole video. There may therefore be many surprises in store for the fans as the promotional activities get underway in Hyderabad. Sudeep and Shriya's involvement gives the Hindi release a tremendous boost because they are well-known and the Hindi rights to “Kabzaa” were purchased for an absurd sum.

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Stunning stills of Shriya Saran wearing a party saree during the premiere of the first song from her upcoming film Kabzaa.

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